Ashworth Relaunches With Modern Flourish

Ashworth Relaunches With Modern Flourish

By John Steinbreder

For Eddie Fadel, bringing back the iconic Ashworth golf brand is like going home. After all, the Ohio native worked as a senior executive at the company some two decades ago and later served as its president. And he fervently believed that the Ashworth name and its iconic Golfman logo still resonated, especially for those golfers of a certain age who remember the sense of cool the apparel evoked in the 1990s when Fred Couples was among the tour players who endorsed the brand.

So, it was with an understandable sense of satisfaction that Fadel relaunched Ashworth in mid-February and began selling polo shirts and T-shirts with that name as well as sweaters, outerwear, pants, shorts and headwear. And doing so, at the moment, direct-to-consumer through the company’s website.

Among the most notable offerings from the new Ashworth is the AM1020 polo shirt, which is part of what Fadel calls the Innovation Interlock assortment – and which harkens back to the day when cotton polos from Ashworth were all the rage.

“Only this version is quite different,” explained Fadel, who has been in the golf apparel business for some 30 years and prides himself on knowing not only where to procure the best fabrics and materials but also knowing the optimum places to have his clothes made. “Rather than being constructed of 100 percent cotton, the AM1020 is a blend of the highest quality Supima cotton and just the right level of performance microfiber to enhance fit and all-day comfort and provide the proper amount of stretch during the golf swing.

“The result is a shirt that provides a soft, comfortable and personalized fit. It looks like cotton but wears much better than that fabric and lasts longer.”

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